Clergy Corner

Oh beloveds, does this feel like your world?

But like, where are you in this picture? Are you on the swing? Are you in the crowd? Are you the building that is on fire? Or are you that guy who’s just hanging out on the bleachers because what is even the point?

Where ever you are in your ministry – I am here for you. As a clergy colleague, I am with you in the struggle that is being a minister in a whole pandemic. The Work is too much for us to bare alone.

I want to join you in identifying and addressing your gifts in ministry so you can sustain your call in these specific times.

Maybe you need spiritual practice accountability.

Maybe you need someone to help your community hear what you’ve been preaching and teaching.

Maybe you need a coach to give you encouragement and guidance.

Maybe you need help drafting that dang newsletter.

You know what you need.